AVRS Acoustic Virtual Reality System

Free and open-source real-time acoustic virtual reality system.

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About the project

AVRS is an open-source hard real-time acoustic virtual reality system written in C/C++. It was developed in the Centre for Research and Transfer in Acoustics (CINTRA), Unit Associated to CONICET, of National Tecnological University, Cordoba Regional Faculty, Argentina.
AVRS performs spatial 3D-sound processing allowing the arbitrary placement of sound source in auditory space. The main goal is to develop a genuine experimental flexible platform, that runs on a general-purpose computer architecture (standard hardware and software).
It could have multiple uses, such as:

among others.
The project was started with the PhD thesis (in Spanish), entitled "A real-time virtual acoustic simulation system", of Fabián C. Tommasini and with multiple research projects of CINTRA.

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